Who is Responsible for Marketing ?

Certainly another revolution after the Internet was social media. 
People's distance between each other, long and long roads, years and gathering distant ones close without noticing we found out that;  social media made it easy to reach even the most impossible brands.

When big brands started to manage their social media, of course, they supported the professionals and aimed to manage them by experiencing minimum loss of perception and maximum brand awareness in the eyes of their consumers. Many of them have achieved this goal. Advertisement films, designed to be broadcast on digital platforms and not even close to the media purchase of television, are duly placed in the advertisements of direct needs of people such as textiles, construction, electronics, telecommunication, food and beverages according to our interests while surfing in Instagram.


Even though Social media is decent, the most important risk that is determined to take steps towards branding and which has targets, especially from companies that are transferred from generation to generation, is the brand positioning of today's executives who took over the management and positioning the brand as they see it. In other words, rather taking care about the position of their brand in their eye, analyzing where the market and consumers see their brand and taking the position will be a much more accurate way for the institutions entering the branding process and appearing on digital platforms.

Because, every consumer who holds the brand social media management opened by many social media agencies to the consumers of the world giant and executes with successful strategies from anywhere, for example; Even a world giant like BMW is able to communicate his message, complaint or love, and he is instantly moderated by BMW’s social media agency. As a result, he feels valuable because the brand feels that way.  
As such, well-intentioned but slightly young executives of medium-sized brands who remain in the shadow of their ego, who think that the brand is drawing the right line during the perception of the social media, may face the risk of taking negative notes from the consumer on behalf of the brand in the period when the world giant considers the consumer with a click. 
We, as creative and digital agencies, are in the process of branding brands with visuals, designs, new ideas, mottos and many other different ways; We are working on behalf of companies in the period of managing what they awaken in the minds of people, trying to awaken the brand perception in the targeted  manner, taking the burden on the managers and making them comfortable in this matter. 

Using social media correctly does not mean being on every platform. Managing the brand with professional agencies with the perception that it can win the consumers of social media networks will give positive impressions to its consumers today and for the future. Let your brand not be crushed under your egos.
Because the risk is at your doorstep.
Perception is free.