13th Dp Awards

We would like to announce with great pride and happiness at the prestigious Direct Marketing Awards organised by the Direct Marketing Communicators Association (DPID) that we have achieved the 2nd place with the award we brought to Outdoor Turkey Platform's unique festival OutdoorFest!

We are proud to have won this important award with our great teamwork and creative solutions as the agency where we manage 360-degree agency communication with Creative, Social Media, Web and Production priorities in this competition where OutdoorFest is included in the festivals category.

This award is a reflection of the impressive success of OutdoorFest and we would like to thank everyone who had a stake in the success of this project. We believe that winning the second prize at this DPID award ceremony is a reward for our long-standing work and efforts. This success of our agency motivates us for bigger and more exciting projects in the future.

15. Golden Spider

By participating in the prestigious Golden Spider awards organised by DorukNet, we successfully managed all stages of the E-Commerce Web project we carried out to promote the successful healthy snack products of our FELLAS FOODS brand. In this project, we had the opportunity to represent our brand in the best way with Creative Design, Social Media management and Production services by going through a comprehensive project design process.

In addition, the positive comments and feedback we received also made us happy. We accept this award and positive feedback as a confirmation of the trust in our brand and our success.

We would like to thank all our team, business partners and customers for helping us to achieve this success. As FELLAS FOODS brand, we look forward to more days of innovation and success in the future. This award gives us the motivation to set bigger goals and go further. Thank you Golden Spider and thank you everyone!


We are proud of the award we won at the BEST CSS AWARDS awards, which awards the world's prestigious digital projects. We are proud to receive this award by realising a successful E-Commerce Web project with our brand FELLAS FOODS in the healthy and natural snacks category.

We had the opportunity to represent our brand in the best way on digital platforms by providing project design, Creative Design, Social Media management and Production services from A to Z from the beginning to the end of this project. BEST CSS AWARDS awards have enabled our efforts and creativity to be recognised in the international arena.

This award is an expression of our gratitude not only for our brand and our team, but also for our customers and business partners. We look forward to more days of innovation, creativity and success in the future. Thank you to BEST CSS AWARDS and all supporters