Story of Advertising

World’s famous screenwriter Robert Mckee, participated in an interview in Turkey, spoke about the subject of "Why should we tell a story ad?" and explained the importance of it with his speech: “You can convince people in two ways. Giving information or telling a story... Giving information, presenting various data and figures to any person is a way of talking about the brand's production. The story should tell fictional events and characters, whether it’s going to be the facts or not. If you tell a story, the others will listen to you, reveal their feelings, internalise what you are saying, and tell your story to others. That doesn’t mean, ‘Don't give people any information.’ Instead, wrap them up in a story if you really want them to listen.” Your brand's endorsement, figures and all numerical values are of course very important, but your story attracts more attention of your target audience. Stories are catchy and impressive because they directly address emotions. The consumer is always more oriented to the brand if he feels close and interiorise it's story. Cleverly constructed and well-told stories increase your brand's perception as well as expand your target audience day by day and allow you to get closer your goals.

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