We have prepared a motivational film for ÜLKER, which has been in our lives since 1944 and has become a world brand with nearly 50 thousand employees. 

After they chose us, we went and listened to the project of their dreams. We brainstormed on it and determined the route. We wrote the lyrics of the selected song, reconstructed its music in our studio and completed our readings. During the filming of the motivational film for Ülker's biscuit factory in Akyurt, Ankara, Ülker personnel took part in the filming and this film, which left a smile on faces, emerged. We hope that the project, which we enjoyed in the filming, editing and studio stages, will be beneficial for this global brand representing our country in the world and its employees. 

For more information about Ülker, please visit their website.

SERVICE TYPE: Production Agency Service

URL: www.ulker.com.tr