1 - Organic Success; SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a regular optimization on Google that is realized to the web page base of the relevant institution, aiming for the brand to rank high in response to the search of keywords during a certain period. SEO is a kind of Google investment. Beside SEO, Adwords Ads would be a cherry on top.

2 - Lowers Advertising Cost; the unit cost per click of Google Adwords Ads that are released regularly or periodically varies completely according to the Google algorithm. However, the budget of the ad to be released besides a corporate website design, coding, software that is complete with the right criteria that Google sets will be a much more efficient budget if it were a site with regular SEO. One of the few factors that lowers our cost per click is SEO. If you want to learn more about the others and benefit from these procedures, you can start the action first by clicking CONTACT on taximprousa.com, the page where you are reading this article on. :)

If we were to exemplify it with one sentence, SEO is a long-term and continuously productive process such as bringing up the MESSI, instead of signing him.

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