The word quarantine started to appear quite often in our lives in recent months. We hear quarantine days, in quarantine or the quarantine period...

With the exception of exempted professions, people began working mainly from their homes. As a society that love face-to-face meetings and made ita tradition, we suddenly found ourselves in Teams, Skype and such applications. Now, we do not onlycarry out video conferences with the partner companies, but also get acquainted with the companies we've never met and work by means of video. This is the case with running things.

What about brand communication management?


Of all the plans made in the last quarter of 2019, projecting on 2020, the paths to be taken, the first quarter, the second quarter and so on… None survived the circumstances. Let us set aside the firms that appreciated it, of course, but remember that corporate social media account that you have given up, or is it instantly the strongest branch you can hold on to?

Shopping malls and shops in general were closedfor a while. Thus, brands, instead of just selling their products and services to the audience, who walk through the door, sought the ways to market themto the audience sitting at home, and evidently all signs were directed at digital marketing and social media ads…

As an advertising agency, it is pleasing to meet the demands of company managers who recognize the value of social media channels, which we consider essential in brand communication. Just imagine,you can reach the pockets, tables, stands, personal spaces of ​​millions, globally billions of people sitting at home only with a click. Not to mention, with their consent. Could any part of this be unwanted? It makes us happy to create and meet the demand fornew content in social media, live broadcasts, andviral advertisements of many brands, from global to corporate, to SME.


Of course, COVID-19 will one day sieze or remain a controlled disease rather than a pandemic. Andpeople will get used to living with this reality as well as brands. For example, being active on social media will be continuous. Always keeping on digital will be an inevitable situation. People will continue to receive product services through remote interactions rather than direct contacts, and brands will also direct their positions in people’s minds through creative communications on digital platforms.

As every cloud has a silver lining, this virus reminded people that personal space is important, and brands that digital is a valuable strength that should not be omitted.

We are excited to offer many services such as digital marketing, social media management, and YouTube content videos to our existing and new-coming brands in the upcoming period.

Healthy days…

Tam Hizmet Reklam Ajansı